Why SMU?

What makes SMU Unique?

greek life

According to USA Today, all but two of U.S. Presidents and Vice-Presidents, 75% of U.S. Congressman and Senators, and 80% of Fortune 500 executives came out of a fraternity.

SMU students in a fraternity  35%
SMU students in a sorority  45%


Chi Alpha has been at SMU for over twenty years with an incredible legacy of impacting students with the message of the Gospel. We are excited to stand on the shoulders of those who have served before and re-plant Chi Alpha and grow it into a thriving community.


SMU graduates move on to be key influencers in every arena of culture: politics, science, performing arts, business, athletics and more.

Our goal is to equip them with a strong foundation of faith so that they leave college with more than a degree.

FAQS about SMU

Is SMU a religious university?

SMU was founded by what is now The United Methodist Church, in partnership with civic leaders. The University is nonsectarian in its teaching and committed to academic freedom and open inquiry.

What's the SMU Mascot?

A black Shetland pony, Peruna has been present at every SMU home football game for over 70 years. The costumed mascot is also referred to as “Peruna.” Peruna was selected the #10 Best College Mascot by America’s Best and Top Ten in 2009.

Other intersting facts?

SMU houses the George W. Bush Presidential library – along with 8 other libraries. Together they hold more than four million print and electronic volumes.

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